Edbacker and High School Class Team up for Innovation

Education crowdfunding site Edbacker and Indiana High School class team up to promote innovation in schools across the country.

Today Edbacker and Innovate Franklin announced a partnership focused on promoting innovation and showing educators and students across the country the importance of "passion-based" projects in the classroom and how to implement similar programs in their schools through crowdfunding their ideas.

Edbacker, a funding platform for all K12 educators, announced that they are teaming up with Innovate Franklin, a group of Franklin Community High School students enrolled in an innovation course, to promote and support innovation and creativity in schools and classrooms across the nation.

Innovate Franklin, which is the brainchild of Don Wettrick, is designed to combine project-based learning with 21st century skills using the students’ passions to guide their projects. By teaming up together, Edbacker and Innovate Franklin seek to show other educators how to implement an innovation course in their school and how crowdfunding education projects can help make those dreams a reality. This partnership will include tutorials, blog posts, and twitter chats led by Innovate Franklin and Edbacker to give educators and students a step-by-step guide to fostering an innovative and creative learning environment.  

The class also announced the launch of their first crowdfunding campaign on edbacker.com to help raise around $5,000 for some of their projects such as a student-led MOOC, self-publishing a book and creating a more collaborative classroom environment.

This partnership is a part of a larger ongoing Edbacker initiative to rally communities and organizations around innovation in our schools. Edbacker will be announcing additional Innovation Partnerships in the coming weeks.

"We are thrilled about our partnership with Innovate Franklin. Don and his students have a passion for learning that is truly contagious. At Edbacker, we are always looking for ways to support this type of excitement and creativity in schools across the country and we are excited the begin this initiative with this class." Matthew Hartman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Edbacker
"Collaboration is the key to great learning. Our class model puts an emphasis on networking with outside organizations that share our dream and desire. Edbacker is one of those organizations and my students and I are excited to start collaborating with them." Don Wettrick, Franklin Community High School teacher and Innovate Franklin Instructor
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