Edbacker Announces SymbalooEDU as Innovation Partner

Edbacker installs SymbalooEDU as second Innovation Partner in a growing effort to support schools

Today Edbacker and SymbalooEDU announced a new partnership that supports innovation in schools and provides educators with increased opportunities to learn how to incorporate technology and crowdfunding in the classroom.

Edbacker, a funding platform for all K12 educators, and SymbalooEDU, a resource management tool that helps educators and students curate and organize the best of the web, today announced their Innovation Partnership which aims to give educators the tools they need to learn about crowdfunding and incorporating new ideas in their classrooms. 

The two edtech companies share in a common goal of supporting innovation and creativity. Together, they are devoted to giving educators resources to promote and share 21st century learning, ideas and technology.

Besides directing users to Edbacker’s SymbalooEDU webmix, other initiatives like a joint Twitter chat and promotions offer educators a resource to engage with both companies and an opportunity to provide them with the latest educational tools to promote innovative thinking. Educators and students are invited to join a SymbalooEDU and Edbacker #Symchat every third Wednesday of the month at 1 PM PST on Twitter.

In the coming months, Edbacker and SymbalooEDU will be working to develop these resources and initiatives further.

About Edbacker

Edbacker is the funding platform for educators. Founded by experienced education technology entrepreneurs, Edbacker allows educators to raise money for important education related projects, programs, events and ideas. We want to make it so funding never stands in the way of implementing a passionate educator's great idea.

About Symbaloo

SymbalooEDU is a resource management tool that helps educators and students curate and organize the best of the web into individualized instruction. With SymbalooEDU educators can save their teaching resources in the cloud and access them from any device. 

"One of the goals of Edbacker is to provide educators with the opportunity to incorporate new ideas and innovation within their school by making it easier to obtain those resources. In an age where educators frequently use the Internet to learn new ideas for their schools, we are thrilled to team up with a fellow edtech company like SymbalooEDU that shares our goal and make that process easier and readily available for educators." Gary Hensley, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Edbacker
"SymbalooEDU supports companies that support educators. Partnering with EdBacker is a great way for us to show our support to teachers who are working on bringing innovation in to the classroom through technology." Klaas Lameijer, Chief Executive Officer of Symbaloo.
About Edbacker

A funding platform for educators, Edbacker connects donors with schools to fund projects, events and ideas. By providing simple and transparent tools, Edbacker aims to revolutionize the way schools raise money. Through this transparency, donors can find specific outlets that are congruent with their own values and beliefs.